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Britt Dorenbosch & Daniela Schwabe | galerie dudokdegroot | Amsterdam
16/6/2018 - 21/7/2018

Saturday June 23th - 16:00 - 18:00

galerie dudokdegroot
Lauriergracht 80


We Like Art - Secret Postcard Sale | Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam
16/12/2017 - 29/12/2017

Special secret mail from Brazil! During my artist-in-residence in Rio de Janeiro I found some time to make two postcard size artworks for the exhibition We Like Art - Secret Postcard Sale. An exhibition with more then 300 little works from 142 different artists. If you went to the Westergasfabriek, you would have seen that at least one had arrived safely from the other side of the world.

Artist in Residence - Despina | Rio de Janeiro | Brasil
01/11/2017 - 30/11/2017

In the month November I moved my studio to Rio de Janeiro for an art in residence program at Despina.
Last year I researched the elements that create a sense of home in my direct surroundings in the Netherlands. Working at Despina I was separated from my everyday belongings and therefore forced to search for other ways to feel at home. Luckily Rio was full of colours!

Thuis - nieuwe werken van Britt Dorenbosch | Centraal Museum | Utrecht
9/9/2017 - 26/11/2017

The past year, with support of the K. F. Hein Fonds, I have been working on a new series of paintings and drawings. In this series I researched what creates a sense of home. What are the elements that make you feel at home? And how important are memories in this process? With the resulting works I made the exhibition called 'At Home'.

photo's by Anna van Kooij

Utrecht Down Under | Werfkelders Oudegracht | Utrecht
25/8/2017 - 10/9/2017

K.F. Hein Art Stipend

My second blog (in Dutch) for the K.F. Hein Art Stipend is online now. Read it here!

Britt Dorenbosch & Roland Spitzer | SBK Breda
20/5/2017 - 08/7/2017

K.F. Hein Art Stipend

Read my first blog (in Dutch) for the K.F. Hein Art Stipend here!

Art Rotterdam - Prospects & Concepts | Monderiaan Fund
09/02/2017 - 12/02/2017

In 2015 I received a Stipendium for Emerging Artist, hence my work was part of the exhibition Prospects & Concepts at Art Rotterdam. This year the Mondriaan Fund asked Stijn Huijts, artistic director of the Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht, to curate the exhibition. Works of over sixty young artists were shown, varying from painting to photography, from objects to installations and from video to performances. I showed the first results of my research into feeling at home: Thuis 1

Thuis 1 togehter with performance of Anne Kolbe and colourful people

Art Rotterdam - Boardroom Sessions | Patty Morgan

During Art Rotterdam Patty Morgan organised boardroom sessions presenting works from different artist who are part of this online art platform. Visitors of Art Rotterdam were invided to discuss drawings, performances, video work and one of my paintings.

A walking painting on its way to the Boardroom Session

Art Rotterdam - Editions & Multiples | We Like Art
09/02/2017 - 12/02/2017

K.F. Hein Art Stipend

Yes!! I won this year's K. F. Hein Art Stipend with my sketch design 'Thuis'. The jury was impressed by my very personal research proposal that yet allows the public to feel connected to the subject. Coming year I will be researching the concept of feeling at home through painting and drawing. The results will be shown autumn 2017 in the Nieuw Utrecht Kamers at the Central Museum Utrecht. As the photo shows: I am very happy!

Photo: K.F.Hein Fonds - Anna van Kooij

K.F. Hein Art Stipend


After a few months of hard work, I finished my proposal for the K.F. Hein Art Stipend. Today I am going to submit it together with a model of the exhibition. What remains is a pitch on the 12th of September and then we wait for the jury to decide. Exciting times!

| Code Rood
21/5/2016 - 28/5/2016

Code Rood asked me to exhibit my paintings at the former gatehouse of Buitenplaats Koningsweg. I didn't feel like just taking my work there, hang it on the walls and leave it at that. So I considered it as a small artist in residence and lived and worked at their grounds for one week. At the end of the week I finished a room full of drawings and another room with a panoramic painting of nine meters long. All work had a direct link to my youth. The drawings portrayed the clothes that I wore when I was a child which I scaled up to my current size. The panoramic painting was based on pictures of my childhood holidays close to Winterswijk. (For the results see Thuis at Code Rood)

Nomination K.F. Hein Art Stipend


Every two years the K.F. Hein Fund disburses a stipend to support visual artists and designers in the area of Utrecht. This year I am one of the five nominees. The next months I will continue working on my research proposal focusing on the concept of home. At the end of September the K. F. Hein Fund will announce who will be granted the stipend and work for one year towards an exhibition at the Central Museum of Utrecht.

We Like Art | Lust For Life | Painting Today

21/4/2016 - 24/4/2016

We Like Art organised a big pop-up show with contemporary painters. This sales exhibition gave an impression of the polymorphic state of painting in the year 2016: combining young upcoming talent with international leading artists.

Anonyme Zeichner
2/8/2015 - 10/4/2016

One of my drawings was selected for the international exhibition: Anonyme Zeichner. This traveling exhibition exposed 600 drawings anonymously as a collective work
of art in Germany and Italy.



This Art Fair | Beurs van Berlage
29/12/2015 - 03/01/2016

The Greenhouse Effect
| Wunderkammer
20/11/2015 - 20/12/2015

Lokaal WV15

15/08/2015 - 23/08/2015

Platform Platvorm
- The First Issue

art in redlight Britt Dorenbsoch

Show What You Want Show
| Bart Invites
06/06/2015 - 28/06/2015

Werkbijdrage Jong Talent

In June 2015 I received the great news that the Mondriaan Fund had approved my application for a grant. The grant, specifically for young emerging artists, gave priority to experiment and enabled me to realize my plans.

Matter Matters #4 | TAC
24/04/2015 - 24/05/2015

art in redlight Britt Dorenbsoch

art in redlight Britt Dorenbsoch

17/04/2015 - 14/05/2015

art in redlight Britt Dorenbsoch

art in redlight Britt Dorenbsoch

Art in Redlight | Beurs van Berlage
27/12/2014 - 30/12/2014

art in redlight Britt Dorenbsoch

art in redlight Britt Dorenbsoch

Treasures | Percipi Art Project Space
03/05/2014 - 15/06/2014

Ziekenhuis Rijnstate
24/01/2014 - 25/03/2014

Exposure | HKU Tractieweg
27/06/2013 - 30/06/2013

| 99 KUUB
28/11/2012 - 5/12/2012

Doenja Likumahua
Britt Dorenbosch

Terms & Conditions | Kunstpodium T
15/11/2012 - 25/11/2012

Wouter Huis
Britt Dorenbosch
Chloe Janssens
Marieke de Ruig
Loek Vellekoop


Final presentation 3th year
| HKU Tractieweg